Solar Habitat   [Fotos]

Solar Habitat (Ausstellung und Symposium) kuratiert von The Center of Solar Use Interpretation (CSUI)
widmet sich solaren Interpretation im Kontext der Kunst und des Klimadiskurses.

„It is our duty to coming generations to leave this store of energy intact for them, or at least not to touch it until we shall have perfected processes for burning coal more efficiently. We should be able to manufacture the iron we require by using the sun`s energy; without wasting any coal at all“ Tesla, N. (1900).
Inspiriert von Nikola Tesla´s Experimentierfreudigkeit werden in Solar Habitat Werke und Beiträge zusammengeführt, die innerhalb des aktuellen Klimadiskurses den Blick auf solare Interpretationen schärfen.


Das Symposium präsentiert eine Ausstellung und eine Reihe diskursiver Formate, die künstlerische, wissenschaftliche und experimentelle Positionen zusammenzubringen und den Begriff Solar Habitat verorten. Die Mehrheit der aktuellen Berichterstattung zum Thema Solar bezieht sich auf technische Innovationen, CO2 Bilanzen und statistische Daten. Demgegenüber widmet sich Solar Habitat dem Diskurs gegensätzlicher Pole um neuen Input und neues Wissen in der aktuellen ökologischen Debatte zu erzeugen.

CSUI ist eine unabhängige Forschungs- und Bildungsinstitution, die sich der Untersuchung, der Verbreitung und dem Verständnis von solaren Interpretationen und der künstlerischen Genese im solaren Wissensfeld widmet.


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Marianne Ertl (Heinz von Förster Archiv) in Zusammenarbeit mit Dirk Baecker und CSUI,
Gottfried Haider,
Barbara Anna Husar,
Pepa Ivanova,
Chris Janka,
Joseph Knierzinger,
Christian Kosmas Mayer,
Anna Mitterer,
Gerburg Neunteufl Pipina Schickaneder,
Leo Peschta,
Sarah Rechberger,
Liddy Scheffknecht,
Benjamin Tomasi,
Arsene Vukov




Michael Braito,
Kris De Decker,
Judith Fegerl,
Edgar Honetschläger,
Pepa Ivanova,
Luisa Paumann,
Bernd Kräftner


Aufgrund der aktuellen Covid-19-Bestimmungen für Veranstaltungen möchten wir auf folgende Rahmenbedingungen hinweisen und bitten um Verständnis:
–  Der Zugang zur Veranstaltung ist nur mit Anmeldung möglich.
–  Die allgemeinen Corona-Schutzbestimmungen sind zu beachten.
–  Es gelten die 3 G´s.
–  Der Verzehr von Getränken/Speisen, auch selbst mitgebracht, ist nur in den dafür ausgewiesenen Bereichen erlaubt.
–  Das Veranstaltungsgelände ist von Besucher*innen spätestens um 23:30 Uhr zu verlassen.
–  Es ist keine Übernachtung vor Ort möglich.


Solarshower Remake
Dirk Baecker,  Marianne Ertl, (and more...)
In collaboration with Marianne Ertl, Dirk Baecker and Kathrin Stumreich/CSUI, the remake of Heinz von Förster's Sun Shower was initiated and installed at Lindabrunn. From a loudspeaker you can hear Dirk Baecker talking about his memory of that moment when he stood with Heinz von Förster in his garden and got to know the sun shower. (more…)
Study for a Camera on a Plot of Land in the Desert
Gottfried Haider
For several years, I've been engaged with a stationary radio transmitter installed in the California Mojave desert that captures data from its surrounding and is fueled only by the sun. The results of its measurements are transmitted via radio waves by using existing amateur radio networks. (more…)
Dance the Electron
Chris Janka
As an electromagnetic wave, light has the same possibilities as the electromagnetic waves in technical signal conductors. These can be conducted through cables, amplified, and connected to loudspeakers converted into another wave form, namely into acoustically perceptible compressed air fluctuations. (more…)
Sun 1
Leo Peschta
A sculpture using the principles of thermodynamics to constantly change its shape and therefore reflect different areas of its surrounding generating a flickering distortion in the landscape. In its initial state its in its most outspread form and collects the power of the sun. The more energy it harvests the more it closes changing the angle of its mirrors. When it reaches its minimum expansion state it ventilates its power collector and folds back to its initial state to start collecting energy again.
Pepa Ivanova
Glass panels from the “Warmth” sculpture encapsulate a fictional, solar surface, 40cmx40cm, slumping recycled glass, 2021
The egg of Corona
Barbara Anna Husar
My first impulse to participate in Solar Habitat was an emotional one. I felt the urge to make the corona visible in its original expression. It is the atmosphere of our sun. (more…)
Christian Kosmas Mayer
It is ancient knowledge that I have found at the outside walls of houses in remote Alpine valleys as well as in indigenous communities in Northern America: weather sticks that can forecast the weather. It represents knowledge obtained through the observation of natural processes: (more…)
Joseph Knierzinger
Temperature clock apparatus (working title) is a time indicator that uses water and its own waste heat to show the current time. This device consists of a computer mainboard, an additional copper plate for cooling the processor and an X-Y drawing unit. With the X-Y mechanism, the device writes the time on the copper plate with water. The waste heat from the processor evaporates the water on the copper plate and the machine redraws the time.
What is the illuminance when...
Gerburg Neunteufl Pipina Schickaneder
Installation 2021; 26 photograms on RC paper (unframed, laminated on aluminum composite panels), 2 series with 13 pieces each, size 23x30 cm, phosphorescent curved surface. (more…)
Reflection Flock
Anna Mitterer
O. T.
Liddy Scheffknecht
The installation shows a selection of works dealing with the translation of time into space and the use of sunlight as a sculptural material. (more…)
Surveying Sun Points
Sarah Rechberger
A black tray with water is placed on the ground. The sun reflects centrally in the water’s surface. Through the focusing tube of a device constructed by the artist, the viewer takes aim at the sun’s reflection and marks the position on the floor indicated by a plumb line. (more…)
O. T. (the dark side of)
Benjamin Tomasi
O.T. (the dark side of) is a minimal, process-oriented intervention in a piece of meadow on the grounds of Symposium Lindabrunn. For two months, an area of about 20m2 is shaded on this piece of meadow. (more…)
Talk - setting the sun
Judith Fegerl
The whole work holds more than what is evidently presented. Judith Fegerl’s main material - energy - is invisible. Her work combines the potential which defines energy itself (more…)
Arsene Vukov
Solada - stone sculpture, (Stone, gold. 2021) (more…)
How (not ) to build a solar powered internet
Kris De Decker
Low-tech Magazine questions the belief in technological progress, and highlights the potential of past knowledge and technologies for designing a sustainable society. Because a web redesign was long overdue, we decided to build a low-tech website that meets our needs and abides by our principles. (more…)
Talk - Biophotons - the glimmer of life
Luisa Paumann
Not only fireflies, but also humans and all living organisms glow. Every cell absorbs natural light and emits ultrasubtle light (biophotons). In this way, whole organisms communicate with each other at the speed of light. (more…)
Talk - Us and them? (Social) sciences and our everyday lives.
Michael Braito,  Bernd Kräftner
Science is telling us that we need to change our lives. How should we do that? Should we allow a ‘paternalism light’, in the sense of a evidenced based environmental and climate policy, to nudge us into self-imposed docility? (more…)
Talk - suNEARth
Pepa Ivanova

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suNEARth is a performative talk about radio astronomy data of the sun as a resourceful field for sonification and multi-wave imaging. (more…)
plakat - solar habitat
Johanna Forster
Talk - Edgar Honetschläger
Edgar Honetschläger

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