Joseph Knierzinger
Solar Habitat

Joseph Oliver Anton Knierzinger (joak) is an artist exploring the history and politics of past, present, future and anachronistic media, technology and confusion, as well as the disappering and reappering of them. He works on mechanisation and digitisation between sense and non-sense. Humor and irony is an important method in his undertakings.

His works, performances and lectures have been shown in exhibitions, festivals and universities in Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Italy, Catalonia, Croatia, Kugelmugel, Mongolia, Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia and Austria. His artistic output is between installation, intervention, wearable devices and performances. At the moment he works on different alogisms and algorithms in Vienna.

work(s) at Symposion Lindabrunn:
Temperature clock apparatus (working title) is a time indicator that uses water and its own waste heat to show the current time. This device consists of a computer mainboard, an additional copper plate for cooling the processor and an X-Y drawing unit. With the X-Y mechanism, the device writes the time on the copper plate with water. The waste heat from the processor evaporates the water on the copper plate and the machine redraws the time.