What is the illuminance when…

Gerburg Neunteufl Pipina Schickaneder
installation, fotogramm
47.91402351844988, 16.16130220033536
Solar Habitat

Installation 2021; 26 photograms on RC paper (unframed, laminated on aluminum composite panels), 2 series with 13 pieces each, size 23×30 cm, phosphorescent curved surface.

A photographic work, consisting of two sets of thirteen images, is presented opposite a phosphorescent curve area. The light in the room is switched on and off at regular intervals.
This work addresses how the illuminance of the sun changes over the course of a day and offers a space for observation and reflection.
The installation and photographic work confront what is unexpected and otherwise invisible. Here, the intuitive power of the linear is decidedly absent. In its place, there is a formula with the potential to alleviate this irritation.