untouched (v.n.)

Martina Menegon
47.9143057624228, 16.161581820599256
Uncanny Reality

AR Virtual Sculpture


“untouched (v.n.)” is a series of 3D Scan-Selfies by Martina Menegon that started in 2015 under the title Virtual Narcissism (v.n.) and has now evolved into Performative and Interactive Virtual Sculptures with Augmented Reality capability (on compatible mobile). Using 3D Scanning as an artistic medium, Menegon’s self-scanning procedure, combined with the use of low-budget technology, challenges the notion of the virtual as perfect and exposes the results of the scans “as is”, with all the beautiful flaws, mistakes and data loss. Untouched, those failures present a new authentic digital body, an avatar fixed in time yet always performing.

©courtesy of the artist