Victoria Coeln

Victoria Coeln has realised her artistic work in famous cathedrals such as Burgos (Spain), St Stephen’s Cathedral (Vienna), St Catherine’s Church (Frankfurt), St Nicholas Church (Leipzig), World Heritage Sites such as Ephesus and Göbekli Tepe (Turkey), Paphos and Choirokoitia (Cyprus) and large scale urban projects in Leipzig (30 years of peaceful revolution 2019) and Wiener Lichtblicke (Vienna Rays of Hope) Vienna (2020, 2021, 2022, ongoing), in cooperation with Austrian Embassies and Cultural Forums, with municipals, the constitutional court, the Austrian Academy of Sciences, archeological research and international democratic institutions.

Talking about Victoria, curator Angela Stief (director Albertina Modern) said “In her chromotopic works, she explores the perception, seeing and visualisation of light in its spatial, temporal and political dimensions. The result is an art of transformation that manifests itself in refractions of light and impressive plays of colour.” Chromotopia are superscriptions of real space via light-based artistic interventions. These inter-weavings of art and space give rise to completely new hierarchies of spatial perception. Through lines and colours, new visual relationships and perspectives are created; layers are highlighted or levelled. The decisive factor is not material structures but the traces of space, time and thought — discovered by the artist and inscribed in the place. In this artistic process, recognition and design coincide and merge with the space to form a new whole.