Ernst Lima

Ernst Lima is an artist and musician who lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

She works with a diverse range of media, including various printing techniques, photography, performance & sound installations in multi-layered collages, focusing on the themes of resonance and sensing. She works at the intersection of digital and analog processes, which influence her visual work as well as her handling of auditory material in her music production.

Her works have been shown in exhibitions including Sotheby‘s Artist Quartely (Vienna), das weisse haus (Vienna), Friche la Belle de Mai (Marseille) & recently in her solo exhibition at Museum Krems.

work(s) at Symposion Lindabrunn:
LIVE MUSIC: mantric microdose
Online Interactive Smartphone Experience Sounddesign: Ernst Lima, Animations: Lukas Dworschak (more…)
Christiane Peschek Performance with Isabelle von Spreckelsen, Lukas Dworschak, Ernst Lima 2021 (more…)